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Welcome to Discipleship Press Website. We are an Independent-Publishing Press in South Sudan. Our work is to publish books and make them available to millions of people worldwide. Below are some of our books that you may like to purchase. Start shopping now!


The Scarification: The Facial Scarification in South Sudan

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The Scarification is a book that discusses the body art found in Southern Sudan among many communities. The scarification is the kind of body art that can be practiced in different forms depending on the community practices. There are spiritual scarification, decoration scarification and body art scarification. This type of scarification discussed in this book is the one mainly done to graduate a person from boyhood into manhood in Upper Nile State, South Sudan.

Journeying I-Kindle

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These are the Journeying with God series (Personal Journalism). I was born in Dhourding Village near Nasir Town in Eastern Upper Nile State, South Sudan in May 1983. This was when the longest African civil war began. I bear no clear date of birth but only the simulated one. These books (Part I – III) you are reading are all about this history. You will find out many things about Sudan and South Sudan by reading these scripts.

Modern Marriage-Kindle

Modern Marriage and God
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Presently in our communities (Upper Nile State), there are three cases of marriages; Traditional Marriages, Christian Marriages and Modern Marriages. Are all true marriages? Can true marriage be any of these types of marriages? What is the true purpose of marriage? One can ask many good questions here, but the reality is that there is true marriage and the mode used is not the most important thing in marriage. Read this research oriented book for more insight about marriage and family life. 

Windows 8 For Beginners-Kindle

Windows 8 For Beginners
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Windows 8 is the most recent Operating System designed by the Microsoft Company after Windows 7. Windows 8 share many common features with Windows Vista and Windows 7, but this is not all you necessitate to recognize. On that point, there is no Start Button icon in Windows 8.0 (8.1 has) and this is one reason this guide was composed. Starting to use a new product is like starting from zero level. Only with this simplified guide to Windows 8, you will learn the primary features of Windows 8 and you will love this guide.

The Problem of Witchcraft
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This script is a Bachelor Thesis in Practical Theology. It is the outcome of a serious academic inquiry of about two full years that deals with witchcraft in the Mundu Community of South Sudan and beyond. Lotiyu Michael has found out many beliefs about witchcraft in our communities in South Sudan and he presents the Church some guidelines on how to take on these matters in our communities in South Sudan and in Africa at large.



Suggestions for Education in South Sudan

There is a current crisis of need for education in South Sudan after its first ever independence in the year 2011. Since the country emancipated itself from the oppressive regime of the North (Sudan) not much has been done in the education sector. Students who used to study in the Universities in Khartoum came to the South only to find that there was no ready program to absorb them. The University of Juba was already in crises that lead to its closure for almost seven months (Sudan Tribune, October 18th 2011). There were no established structures that would facilitate a smooth transition of students from the North to the South.


Who is a Woman?

A comprehensive answer to this question cannot come from a mere human being who does not know when and how the first human being started to exist. Instead, it must come from a person who has the knowledge of where mankind came from. So in order to understand who a woman is and her place in human society, this question must be answered honestly without prejudice. I believe an honest answer to such a multi-million dollar question can in turn result in fair treatment of women in human society. The fact cannot be denied, I am certain an honest answer is lying somewhere. Not with human being or his efforts in research as Charles Darwin did.


Leadership In Peace and Reconciliation

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The quest for good leadership in most African countries remains on the increase especially as conflicts of different kind looms and posing an untold human suffering, undermining social and economic development, and breaking social fabrics and social co-existence. Conflicts are the most responsible factors in the underdevelopment of both physical and mental infrastructure in many countries in Africa. South Sudan is not exceptional as it has been going through a protracted bloody armed conflict with its Northern neighbor the Republic of Sudan for over two decades leading to over 2.8 million people killed and many others were displaced both internally and externally as refugees in the neighboring countries of Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Central African Republic, Chad, Eretria, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. South Sudan however, signed a Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which provided for a self determination of South Sudan through a referendum and slightly over two years ago, 98% of the population of South Sudan voted for the separation of the South from the North and became an independent Republic of South Sudan. Since its inception the Republic of South Sudan has been faced with adverse severe conflicts ranging from tribal, armed and political.

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