Welcome to Discipleship Press. This is an Indie Author’s website. My work is to help you publish your own books and make them available to millions of people worldwide. You can donate to my services using the donate button. You may want to ask the following questions, if you are or want to be an indie author like me:

  • How can I write a book?
  • How can I edit my book?
  • How can I publish a book?
  • How can I market a book?
  • How can I get paid when someone buys my book?

I value these questions! That is why I spent time to make sure you get answers. I have asked the same questions before. You can get the answers by reading my free guides below. My computer guides are useful for both geeks and newbies! Read them and get started with your business today!

Our Free Guides

At Discipleship Press you will find many titles for free. These books are not less important. They are the best books in the library. I believe in informing you about new technologies of our day and age. I can do this by writing new books about the current technology. To get access to more free titles, simply click the link to the book site below and enjoy reading in whatever format that works well for you.

Computing Tools

Windows’ Optimization Guide

This is your greatest tool on Windows optimization and security. Before you purchase a third-party tool, please consider using Windows’ tools included in any Windows Operating System such as Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8.0 and 8.1 There are ten basic yet powerful steps that you can take yourself and your computer problem will be solved. John Monyjok has been a computer user since January 2010. As a computer hobbyist, he wrote this book from experience. He has been fixing common computer errors since then.

Using Microsoft Paint

Conflict Management

Conflict management

The Conflict Management Guide

This is a great tool for fixing conflicts anywhere on earth. Religions, politics, and international systems for peacemaking have failed to bring the everlasting peace to any human society of the world. Even the current United Nations (UN) are moving towards failure. But to maintain peace, people must know who they are. Peacemaking is based on Jesus’ principle of peace building. If the conflict starts with an individual person, then peacemaking must start right there! Read this book for free and comment by writing a review. What do you think? Can human beings ever experience the everlasting peace here on earth? Why or why not?

Thinking Bigger and Wiser

Indie Author’s Tools

The Author’s Guide

In this small guide, the author has discussed about the writing concepts, types, history and finally, the independent publishing in the modern world. Today, you cannot only write books, you can also publish your own online. You manage the sales of your books from different sales channels. How do you write, edit, proofread, design, format, convert and publish your books? How do you sell your book online? All these questions have been answered in this guide. Read and begin your writing journey with a new mind.

The Marketing Guide

Let us say you have just published your book and you have no idea what to do next. Well, this guide is for the absolute beginners like you. You are not alone in this great business. Book marketing is a big thing today. There are both traditional and modern concepts of book marketing. Since the invention of the http:// and the World Wide Web, the book marketing concept has changed from time to time. Today, you can write, design and even publish and sell your great titles just by using your fingers. With this Book Marketing Guide, you will learn the basics of book marketing. Please check out our Publisher’s Guide on how to publish your great titles and sell them online using different platforms discussed in this guide.

The Editor’s Guide

In this little guide, I tried to put my thoughts together for those who are serious about their projects like yours. You can get started with zero money and make money with your book. All you need is your book and the editing software to get your book published after editing. When your book is live online, people will see and buy copies. Please see our Publisher’s Guide below for more information about how to get started with your business.

Publisher's Guide

The Publisher’s Guide

With the help of today’s technology, you can do the impossible things yourself. You can write, edit, proofread, design, format, convert, publish and market your books online. Would you believe this to be true? Whether you believe it or not, it is happening daily. People are writing and publishing their own books. The book publishing concept is already changing from time to time.

The Author’s Experience

This is our story about the Indie Author’s journey with many challenges. The book is not only for indie authors, but for all people. Do you enjoy what you are doing right now? Why or why not? Please read this free book for more insight. John Monyjok Maluth narrated his story about indie authoring and he offers tips for new indie authors. He also gave his thoughts about writing, editing, designing, converting and publishing your book in any format. He then discussed some successful tips about book marketing, quoting successful authors such as Mark Coker of Smashwords and others.

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