Welcome to Discipleship Press. This is an Indie Author’s Website. You can read books online or download them to your device for offline reading purposes. On this website, you have 6+ Free Guides that you need to help you get started on your indie author’s journey. These books are both self-discovery, as well as step-by-step guides on the important topics concerning the independent publishing in our modern world.

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You may be asking the following questions:

  • How can I write a book?
  • How can I edit a book?
  • How can I publish a book?
  • How can I market a book?
  • How can I get Paid?

We value all these questions. That is why we are here, spending time to make sure you get the answers. We have asked the same questions before. You can get the answers to these questions and many others, by reading our free Indie Author’s Guides below. Click on a link to read the book online – Online Reader. Click on an image (book cover) to choose from any available formats of your choice.

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The Author’s Guide – In The Author’s Guide, the author has discussed the writing concepts, tips, types, history and finally, the independent publishing in the modern world. Today, you cannot only write books, you can also publish yours. But, how do I write a book? Good question. The author has shared what he knows about writing in this e-book. Read it and begin your writing journey with a new mind. Remember, your book is the first thing, not the money! If the book is helpful to your readers, they will surely buy it. Write because you have a better reason apart from getting rich quick.

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The Editor’s Guide – In The Editor’s Guide, the author has compiled thoughts and experiences for those who are serious about their projects. It is a good idea to hire a professional editor. But, what if you cannot afford that? The next option is getting started editing your own book! You can be the best editor of your book for many reasons.

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The Publisher’s Guide – In The Publisher’s Guide, the author has shared with you how he publishes his own books. With the help of today’s technology, you can do the impossible things yourself. You can write, edit, proofread, design, format, convert, publish and market your books. Would you believe this to be true? The fact is, it is happening daily. People are writing and publishing their own books. The book publishing concept is already changing from time to time. Learn the simple steps of indie publishing and get started today.

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The Marketing Guide – In The Marketing Guide, the author has shared with you what works for him. Let us say you have just published your book, and you have no idea what to do next. If this describes you, then this guide is yours. You are not alone in this great business. Book marketing is a big thing today. There are both traditional and modern concepts about this. Since the invention of the http:// (HyperText Protocol) and the World Wide Web (www), book marketing concept has changed, and it is still changing from time to time. Today, you can  publish and market your great titles just by using your fingers. You will learn the basics of modern book marketing in this little book.

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The Author’s Experience – The Author’s Experience is a story of an Indie Author’s journey. It is indeed a journey full with many challenges. The book is not only for indie authors, but for all people. You can even call it a career development guide. Do you enjoy what you are doing right now? Why or why not? Please read this free book for more insight. In this book, the author has narrated his story of indie authoring. This book also offers tips for new indie authors. It shared thoughts about writing, editing, designing, converting, publishing and marketing your own books. It then discussed some successful tips about book marketing, quoting successful authors such as Mark Coker of Smashwords.com and others.Payoneer

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The Payoneer MasterCard – After you have successfully published your book, the next thing is people are likely to purchase a copy. It doesn’t matter whether the book is in digital or print format, people may buy it, unless it is available to them for free. How can you get paid, if someone buys your book? If you publish your books with Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords.com or CreateSpace, then you will need to use either PayPal or Payoneer services.

These are all free services. With PayPal, you need to sign up for a free account, using your existing email address. No physical card is Needed. But, with Payoneer, you will need to apply for the MasterCard. When your application is approved, the card will be sent to you. You must provide the real physical addresses, so that the card reaches you. You will then need to activate the card after receiving it. Then, you will have to set up your KDP or CreateSpace account. For more details about how to get the card, kindly read the free book above or click here to sign up for the card, right now.


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